Who We Are

The Sunstone Team

Bill Coady,


M.B.A., B.E.S.

Chief Executive Officer, Sunstone Resort Communities
Bill has 30 years of experience in all aspects of the multifamily residential development industry. Bill holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree also from the University of Manitoba, faculty of architecture. As a founding partner of Sunstone, Bill has provided creative and financial leadership on all Sunstone’s projects and takes an active role in providing strategic project guidance and project financing responsibilities as well as the more detailed, creative and marketing aspects of our projects.

Jason Coreau,



President & Managing Director, Sunstone Resort Communities
With over 20 years of experience in the construction and development of multifamily, commercial and industrial projects Jason has held many roles within the FWS Group of Companies. As President and Managing Director for Sunstone, Jason is responsible for the overall operation as a business unit within the FWS Group. Jason’s role at Sunstone also involves ensuring the construction and delivery of each Sunstone project is completed in a safe, timely and efficient manner.

Kimberley Terwin

Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator
Kimberley joined Sunstone in 2007 as the Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator. She has 15 years of experience with local real estate, development, and construction companies; Ranging from coordinating new home purchases and service, to warranty call-backs and customer relations. Completing the real estate course in 2009 has given Kimberley the education and understanding of all aspects of the new home purchase experience to become a key customer service contact for Sunstone. Her passion for photography, can often be seen throughout Sunstone’s marketing materials and signage.

Christine Wilson-MacLeod,



Leader, Design & Development
Christine is a registered landscape architect who has over five years of experience working in private sector development, specializing in urban design and planning. She holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design both from the University of Manitoba. Together with Sunstone’s CEO, she is responsible for establishing a creative vision for each of Sunstone’s projects, and ensuring it is carried forward through to the finished product of the project.

Brent Clegg,



President & CEO, FWS Group of Companies

With more than 20 years of experience in project planning, project management, and business development, Brent held the position of Vice President Business Development from 2008 until his appointment to the position of CEO in 2012. As a business unit within the FWS Group of Companies, Brent is responsible for project planning and business development regarding Sunstone. Brent feels strongly that the value of FWS is in its people and that in an ever diversified market with offices and sites spread throughout Canada, FWS’ focus must remain on providing top-notch customer service and satisfaction

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Troy Valgardson,



Chief Financial Officer, Sunstone Resort Communities
Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer, FWS Group of Companies

Troy has been FWS’s Chief Financial Officer for almost 10 years. His responsibilities include the finance, information technology, human resources and payroll functions of the FWS Group of Companies including Sunstone. With over 30 years of experience in finance and 20 years of management experience, Troy is able to provide valuable financial leadership and direction for the organization.

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Our Philosophy

Building value through creativity, innovation and hard work, Sunstone participates in outstanding real estate opportunities that enhance and benefit the local community. Sunstone invests its own capital in quality real estate development opportunities in joint ventures with select partners. Our mandate is to produce attractive returns and deliver quality projects on time, and on budget. Working with well-known local architects, engineers and other consultants has made many Sunstone projects better and more marketable in the long term. Not only that, Sunstone seeks out relationships with construction and design teams who are interesting in exploring state of the art building technologies and innovations that produce a better end product..

Blueprint of building
Our Services

Sunstone participates in outstanding real estate opportunities that enhance and benefit the community including market research and best-use concept development, site utilization and design coordination, financing and legal coordination, construction coordination, project storytelling and marketing and customer satisfaction monitoring and communications.

People cheersing

Sunstone regularly invests its own capital in quality real estate development opportunities in joint ventures with qualified partners.  Our mandate is to produce attractive returns and deliver quality projects on time and on budget.  Our portfolio includes joint venture real estate opportunities, development land acquisitions, proposal call submissions, private / public partnerships and project management services.

Couple in park near lake walking their dog
Sustainable Development

Each Sunstone project carefully considers the natural environment and values any opportunity to enhance the surrounding community with long term social and economic benefits.  As must as possible, “Smart Growth” development principles provide a guiding framework for each Sunstone project.